Porter - Yoshida Kaban

Porter - Yoshida Kaban




Casual series inspired by sacoche for bicycle road races (a shoulder bag to pass snacks and water bottles to racers). 
Although original sacoche have no gusset and are simply designed, for all types we adopt cushioned pockets to hold tablet devices like iPad and laptops, and sub straps (hip straps) to fix bags to your body when carried on shoulders, to update the products to modern life. Thin design with no gusset yet highly functional with many pockets.
Image is taken from classic cycling style, the products can be used for cycling, for carrying laptops/tablets, and documents on business. 
Also, we add inspirational sacoche as the series’ icon.
Cotton polyester cloth, commonly used for outdoor apparel, is adopted. Unique texture like chambray is created by using dyed cotton yarn as warp and polyester yarn dyed black at liquid stage before spinning as weft.
Water resistant feature is realized by paraffin coating. With oil remained on purpose, the fabric becomes softer as it ages, and creates vintage taste.
Tanned leather for parts is dyed to maximize its natural texture. It will shine as it ages, you can enjoy the natural aging process.



Cotton canvas is coated by paraffin, and embossed using crocodile pattern, in the same way to treat leather. In addition, aniline dye is applied by hand to highlight unevenness, for rich texture and fine color difference. Pull-up, the technic for leather which creates whiteness on surface when bended, is realized on this fabric, which is one of the unique features.
Also, the cotton canvas texture is reserved on purpose to make it uniquely fall into an intermediate position between leather and natural fabric.

This series mainly consists of our popular regular types. Embossed hooks and chic/fine twill for lining balance the right amount of casualness. A cad pocket on lining has no stitch at the opening, to create a simple look and realize smooth operation for taking cards.

Color : Black , Olive , Camel , Natural

Material :

Outside: Tanner Cotton(r) (Cotton canvas embossed with crocodile pattern) 

Inside: Nylon twill (Acrylic coating) 

Part: Cow steerhide leather (partly)




High class leather accessory  for women. Designed to fit your palm, with focuses on refined simple form and high usability .
The chic design is recommended for ceremonial occasions. Goatskin is used, which is rare and thicker than the normal one. To maximize its soft and elastic texture, we finished the leather using minimum pigments and little amount of oil. This process deepens the color, enhances the softness and gives shine to the leather. Classy and smooth EXCELLA fastener is adopted. PORTER logo is embossed on the bag body, in gold color which is the same as the metal parts. Pigskin on interlining creates chic and rich image.
Color : Black , Beige , Blue , Brown 
Material : Outside: Goatskin
Inside: Pigskin (Cotton ox for some parts)

Like Patrick Bateman, you may not have the best business card. But you can still have the best card case. by Porter.

Leather tote bag with a slim gusset, popular with men and women. Clear lacquer finish keeps color and attaches no stain.
Designed for both private and business use, popular with men and women. Affordably priced even though all of the process including cutting and sewing is done in Japan.

Color : Black , Camel 

Main Fabric : Tanned Cowhide 

Camie series by Porter


Designed round and full, leather product ideal for business.

The round corners are made by a wooden frame. Durable with piano-wired piping.
Curved line has no seam, golden-colored metal including zipper give an adult impression. Scratch-resistant embossed leather. Ideal business bag for everyday use.

Material : Cow steerhide leather, embossed

Color : Black , Camel , Brown 



Green Eye Series by PORTER

Cotton duck material with tiger camouflage pattern coating is used to create a military look for adults. The pockets are made functionally with a detail of cargo pants.

The tiger camouflage is the pattern developed around 1965, for the U.S. Navy Special Forces at the Vietnam War. The pattern is also called “tiger camo” or “tiger stripe”.

The pockets are designed with a detail of cargo pants in military clothing. They hold a large item or many items because of the deep tucks. The button hole on the upper of the pockets can be used as a pen holder, but it was originally designed to hold a headphone cord of a portable music player.

The zippers are the replica model of American zippers made in 1940’s, which are hard to produce nowadays. The shape of the sliders and stoppers, the look and natural cotton tapes represent the atmosphere back then (“WALDES” engraved on the sliders is the name of the zipper manufacturer that existed in the United States in 1940’s).

We named the brand GREEN EYE , with the inspiration of the green spark in the eyes of the tiger hiding in the dark jungle.

Material : Outside: Cotton duck

Inside: 210D nylon twill (urethane coating)

Color : Khaki 

Boyfriend tote bag by Porter

A simple canvas tote bag which can be used at many scenes. The back of the canvas is laminated with PVC, but it is embossed so the PVC doesn’t seem so mechanical. The pockets are mesh, so it does not weigh too much. The “PORTER” logo has dot embroidery on it.

Fabric:  Cotton Canvas

Surface:  water-repellent

Back: PVC processing, embossing

Available in Black, Red, Green, Pink, Brown, Blue, Yellow



                                          THE MESSENGER BAG

Casual series for town use, with the big flap inspired by a messenger style. Designed to be functional even when you keep carrying the bag on your shoulder.

Friction and rip resistant 500 denier CORDURA nylon yarns are adopted to weave the dense fabric which is mainly used. The fabric is stronger than the regular nylon at an equivalent level. Blushed span yarns are used to reduce the shine of nylon and create a chic impression. Thick 1000 denier CORDURA nylon ox is used for the bottom and the lower part of a bag for reinforcement.

This bag has a pocket on the outside of the body for storage of the belongings you use frequently. It is designed to be functional even when you keep carrying the bag on your shoulder. Also, by using an adjustable strap of the flap, you can change the gusset width of the main storage part depending on the volume of the things you store. This feature is also adopted for brief cases and shoulder bags, so that you can use them easily in a crowded situation on commuting.

The product is in black and beige. The parts of beige model are also dyed to match the body color, to realize an unified one-tone look, and to create an adult impression with a sporty taste.

Main Fabric : 500 denier cordura nylon oxford - The surface : water repellent treatment The back : Polyurethane coating 

Color : Black , Beige